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• Burbio aggregates school, library, government, and community events

• Become the go-to source for community event information

• Allows users to personalize their experience

• Perfect for mobile, built for the age of connected media

• Easy integration for any digital or voice application

• A unique and powerful tool to drive growth is the industry leader in aggregating school, government, library and community event information for delivery over mobile, web, video, email and voice. Burbio’s technology organizes and streams millions of hyper-local events and keeps them automatically updated, and Burbio’s easy to use self-serve tools allow for personalization of this mission-critical information for consumers. Burbio works with Media Companies and Smart City partners such as governments, libraries, real estate companies and other corporate partners who seek to keep residents informed and engaged.

Burbio's technology reads events from source sites and updates when events are added or changed. For a given zip code, Burbio will generally have event content for 20 to 50 organizations, providing unprecedented depth.

Burbio partners can customize content for each user allowing for personalized event feeds and real time updates and notifications. The content can also be managed and customized by partners to provide zip code or community level information integrated into programming or other content initiatives. 

Burbio has multiple integration options - an API, embeddable widgets, email integrations, voice, and tools to sell event placements. 

"Burbio provides a unique and powerful tool for consumer engagement - comprehensive, zip code level event content that is relevant and necessary for residents." - CEO, Julie Roche

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Give Your Audience Powerful Local Content Today!

Give Your Audience Powerful Local Content Today!

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